1st June 2015 and its Monday.

Alhamdulillah. Syukur. 

Safely arrived home after 2 hours (i guess) listening to what abang "bebel-ing". Haha and what say me, its true. Our future is on our hand. How we gonna go through it, all depends on us, ourself. We (act im the one who should) have to be tough enough to handle it when it comes to family planning and our future family (counting for 4 month to go plus minus). In Shaa Allah, abang and me we will together build our family to the better level.

4 months left 'till our wedding day. 4 months left 'till i switch my pangkat from bujang to a wife (im so excited, no hmm yess haaaa scared too). May Allah ease everything for us. Aamiin.

And abang, iloveyousomuch to the moon and back. For the rest of my life, i'll be with you, stay by your side honest and true. I still keep trying to give all the best that i can to make you happy with me. And i wont surrender.

We'll go through all this together, ups and down we will always gonna stick together.

Already 240 am in the morning. So good night guys. See you in the next post.